2017 HCCC Club Champs

Congratulations to all those that competed in very tough conditions, our new club champions will receive their medals at the HCCC club prizing giving 23rd June at the Ruakura club rooms starting at 7pm.  More details will be posted shortly.

Age Group Nationals

Great performances at the age group nationals from HCCC club members, congratulations to all those that competed and our medal winners!

Steve Pawley 3rd Masters Men 5 TT


Amanda Till 2nd Masters Women 3 RR


Jack Swart 1st Master Men 6 RR


Nick Reddish 1st Under 23 Men


TT Results

25.4km Tandem Time Trial

Gold  - Maraenui Taituha

Senior Men

8th Toby Atkins 34:44

9th Nicholas Magill 35:18

Masters Women 3

6th Erin Gray 41:31

7th Vicki Wade 42:51

8th Fleur Wallace 43:52

U23 Men

6th Nick Reddish 34:08

Senior Women

4th Pip Sutton 39:19

Masters Women 4

4th Alison Hamilton 28:00

8th Kay Weaver 31:52

U15 Girls

8th Sacha McLeod 29:35

11th Katie McLeod 30:14

Masters Men 7

5th Ross Wrenn 25:22

7th Dennis Murdoch 25:41

Masters Men 5

3rd Steven Pawley 37:35

7th Wayne Attwell 39:01

11th Vince Stockdale 39:52

Masters Men 3

7th Ant Gardiner 37:54

U15 Boys

17th Samuel Fraser 29:47

18th Ethan Herbert 29:53

U19 Women

13th Hannah Knighton 26:36

23rd Katie White 29:07

Masters Men 8

4th Ronnie Smith 29:37

U17 Boys

25th Fergus Washington-Smith 24:55

42nd Lucas Murphy 26:20

U17 Girls

15th Courtney King 28:05

19th Eva Parkinson 28:20

20th Olivia King 28:34

23rd Megan Spring 28:49

24th Charli Herbert 29:17

28th Emma Mckay 31:39

Masters Men 6

5th Bob Puru 24:24

11th Geoffrey Dickinson 27:19

 Road Race Results

45 km Tandem Road Race

2nd Maraenui Taituha

Senior Men

4th Toby Atkins 2:34:51

U23 Men

1st Nick Reddish 2:34:50

18th Jared Gray 2:35:00

Senior Women

10th Pip Sutton 2:01:14

U23 Women

4th Jessie Hodges 1:52:06

U19 Women

11th Hannah Knighton 2:06:21

25th Katie White 2:21:59

U17 Men

4th Kiaan Watts 1:50:23

10th Drew Christensen 1:50:24

25th Fergus Washington-Smith 1:50:24

64th Jared Gaylor 2:28:02

65th Lucas Murphy 2:28:02

Masters Women 3

2nd Amanda Till 1:47:50

11th Fleur Wallace 1:53:38

Masters Women 4

8th Lyn Peterken 2:00:58

10th Kay Weaver 2:19:15

Masters Men 7

11th John Badger 1:46:38

14th Dennis Murdoch 1:46:49

17th Ross Wrenn 1:50:15

Masters Men 8

9th Ronnie Smith 2:07:33

Masters Men 5

9th David Chandler 2:01:34

20th Steven Pawley 2:01:36

32nd Geoff Genner 2:07:35

41st Dean Crowe 2:19:04

Masters Men 3

7th Dean Peterken 2:25:42

15th Ant Gardiner 2:25:45

U15 Boys

20th Samuel Fraser 1:09:36

23rd Ethan Herbert 1:15:46

Masters Women 5

6th Nicky Morse 1:35:45

U17 Girls

5th Olivia King 1:22:08

6th Eva Parkinson 1:22:08

7th Megan Spring 1:22:08

12th Courtney King 1:22:09

22nd Charli Herbert 1:22:10

30th Emma Mckay 1:32:55

Masters Men 6

1st Jack Swart 2:04:00

8th Trevor Foley 2:04:20

16th Michael Hamid 2:04:20

22nd Don Weston 2:04:22

28th David Horwood 2:08:20

31st Bob Puru 2:12:45





PLEASE organise your Cycling New Zealand membership now for 2017.  This will enable you to race the Criterium and all races in January.  Go to www.cyclingnewzealand.nz/join.  Complete your details and select Hamilton Club please.


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