• The Waikato BoP Cycling Centre Team Time Trial is set for 8th December 2019.  Time to organising your club teams and practice for the race from Gordonton School using Woodlands Road.  For details click here.  For course details click here.  2019 Age Groups will be used in this event.  Trophies and medals to be presents. 
    For the Entry Form click here   
  • The Thursday evening Velo Workshop Hamilton Club Spring Road Race series has started.  Register at the Horsham Downs school.  Start times U15 6:00pm; grades (A to E) from 6:15pm.  Come along for the next weekly race right through to the 12th December 2019 and get up to speed .  For the series Points Table click here 
    Online entry to the 2019 Velo Workshop HCCC Spring Series is open and full details are here.
  • The Waikato BoP Cycling Centre Long Distance Individual Time Trial was held on the 10th November 2019.    An overview of the HCCC podium results:
    U15 Monique Spedding Gold, U15 Ryan Hansen Silver, U17 Thomas McAdams Bronze, M8 Graham Hardaker Gold, M7 Ross Wrenn Gold, M6 Roger Leaf Silver, M5 Wayne Attwell Silver, M5 Lyn Peterken Gold, M5 Kay Weaver Silver, M4 Fleur Wallace Gold.

2020 Cycling New Zealand membership are Open.  Follow the link at the bottom of this page.   For membership fee details click here



Cycling New Zealand membership for 2020 is Open.  This membership will enable you to race till the end of 2020.  Go to www.cyclingnewzealand.nz/join.  Complete your details and select Hamilton City Cycling Club please.

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