PLEASE organise your Cycling New Zealand membership for 2022.  This will enable you to race the Time Trials and road races through to the end of the 2022 calendar year.  Go to  Complete your details and select Hamilton Club please.

The 2022 fees are made up of the following parts:
1.  CNZ Licence fee Adult $65, Youth $35
2.  Centre Fees Waikato/ BOP Adult $15, Youth $5
3.  Hamilton City Club fees Adult $40, Youth $15    (All plus CNZ processing fees)
A youth is currently 18 at the end of the calendar year (so riding in the Under 19 category)
The membership year is the Calendar year.
2022 memberships will open early October 2021 and enable racing for the balance of 2021 and through to the end of 2022.

To race cyclists must be a member of a Cycling New Zealand affiliated club.  Complete your details and select Hamilton City Cycling Club.