2024 HCCC Hot Gossip Mini Tour

2024 Craig Goulsbro Memorial Handicap Race
Apr 13, 2023

2024 HCCC Hot Gossip Mini Tour


6th February 2024

Approx StartCourseLaps Approx
8:15 – 9.00amRegistrationTauwhare Comminuty War and Memorial Hall  
9:15First Race Starts   

Road Race
A, B, C Grade 
D Grade

Hiwi/Pukemoremore Loop
Finish:Pukemoremore School

A, B, C Grade - 3.5 
D Grade - 2.5


TBCTime Trial
On Road Bike
Scotsmans Valley Road 12km
TBCHill ClimbUp Tahuroa Hill 6km
TBCPrize GivingTauwhare Comminuty War and Memorial Hall  

Tauwhare Community War and Memorial Hall, 1153 Tauwhare Rd, Tauwhare

Grades will be A, B, C and D. Each grade will be limited to 25 riders. Payment is required with entry. HCCC has the right to change entry grades.

Prize Giving Cash prizes for GC and Stage winners, 2nd & 3rd. Spot cash draws for all present at prize giving. Entry Fee Entries close 2nd February. Cost $45. Late entries will only be accepted if there is room in the grade. Late entries cost $60

Enter online here. Please complete all fields including; Name, Grade, Cycling NZ licence number and Club.